For our competition athletes in Freestyle and Race programs we provide the highest quality equipment, to allow full potential to be reached.  From head to toe, let us outfit you in the latest and greatest new tech to make the most of your performance on the hill.

Please call (802)-297-1755 with any questions about any of our competition gear.


Skis: Fischer and Nordica

Boots: Fischer, Nordica, Lange

Poles: Leki, Komperdell

Helmets: Sweet Protection, Briko


Skis: ID One

Boots: Full Tilt

Poles: ID One

Helmets: Sweet Protection, Smith


Skis: Faction and Line

Boots: Full Tilt

Poles: Leki, Line, K2

Helmets: Sweet Protection, Smith

Seasonal Race Tune Packages

Seasonal Race Tunes

A full race prep every week.  Drop off on Sunday, and pick up Friday

First Pair: $399

Second Pair: $299

If you're interested in a Season Race Tune, or just a one-time Race Prep, come into the shop or call us at (802)-297-1755

Other Race Gear

GS Suits

Arctica, OneMore, POC

Rain Jackets

Arctica, OneMore

Shin Guards

Leki, Komperdell

Forearm Guards

Leki, Komperdell

Back Protectors

Sweet Protection

Race Gloves

Leki, Komperdell, Hestra, Level

Cut Proof Baselayer

Base 360

Gate Guards

Leki, Komperdell